Raymond James: Our dedicated partner

Our Approach

For every client, we craft a unique wealth management plan for reaching the goals in life that matter the most to you – goals like financial freedom and peace of mind, your children’s educations and weddings, travel and vacation time, and an active retirement – then we work closely with you to keep that plan on track. For each client, we focus on three key elements: a financial snapshot, a personalized strategy, and individual attention.

Financial Snapshot

The financial snapshot helps to bring your entire financial picture into focus. This includes:

  • current investments and asset allocation
  • tolerance for risk
  • compensation and benefits 
  • college savings 
  • retirement planning 
  • insurance review 
  • home equity 
  • estate planning and more 

Personalized Strategy

Next, we create a solid, personalized financial strategy to protect and build your assets. We seek to reduce our clients’ overall risk using an asset allocation model tailored to their risk tolerances and time horizons, taking into account current market and economic conditions. We consider and discuss your expectations and the advantages and disadvantages of investing in each of the following:

  • money market funds 
  • government securities
  • individual stocks 
  • corporate and municipal bonds 
  • mutual funds 
  • annuities 
  • real estate 
  • exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • other investment vehicles as appropriate 

The result is a fully informed decision on how much, when, and where to invest. 

Individual Attention

Finally, we provide a high level of individual attention to adjusting your personalized strategy as your circumstances change – and as market conditions and the overall economic picture evolve. This approach is disciplined and consistent, with meetings, reviews, and update calls conducted at least every 90 days or more frequently as circumstances dictate.